Timing sprocket disappointment fix strategies


The 271 motor planning camshaft sprocket, otherwise called the circumstance wheel, is a typical shortcoming and is utilized in all models utilizing the 271 motor, including the C-Series and E-Series. The disappointment rate is especially high and numerous proprietors have decided to guarantee for remuneration, however the achievement rate isn’t exceptionally high, particularly for clients who have passed the guarantee.

Also in the event that 4S replaces a bunch of timing wheels the value makes you insufferable, normally around 30,000.

Observe an expert auto shop can be great, the first planning wheel a cost in multiple thousand, dismantling and establishment work costs inside 1,000, so it is. The cost is under 10,000.

There are likewise individuals who examine that the circumstance wheel is strangely worn because of the utilization of low quality channels, I don’t have the foggiest idea where the explanation comes from.

The circumstance wheel itself has plan and interaction issues, as long as it is utilized 271, at some point or another should go through this fiasco.

Follow the specialist case, comprehend the technician information, focus on Beijing Anchi Changda.

1. Eliminate: motor cover, under-motor gatekeeper, intercooler hose (turbocharged motor) A4/A6

2. Eliminate: front guard air consumption channel between radiator support plate and air channel radiator support plate bolt 1

3. Introduce the help guide No. 3369 through the opening in the radiator support plate 2.

4. Eliminate radiator support plates 3 and 4.

5. Move the radiator support plate to the assistance position. All models

6. Detach the auxiliary air infusion hose (if fitted).

7. Eliminate: fan with thick grip (left-hand string). Use apparatuses Nos 3212 and 3312 Auxiliary drive belt Auxiliary drive belt tensioner Timing belt cover 5, 6 and 7

8. Turn the driving rod clockwise to the upper quit, guaranteeing that the driving rod pulley timing marks are adjusted 8.

9. Guarantee that the huge openings in the camshaft sprocket locking plate are lined up with one another 9.

10. Assuming that the huge openings face outwards, turn the driving rod 1 turn clockwise.

11.Remove the fitting from the chamber block and Sprocket Rim Suppliers introduce locking pin No. 3242 10. Note: The upper stop opening in the wrench arm should be lined up with the fitting opening.

12. Utilizing an Allen key 11, gradually turn the tensioner pulley clockwise until the push bar and the opening in the tensioner lodging are adjusted.

13. Utilize a 2mm measurement pin to lock the tensioner push bar 12.

14. Eliminate: driving rod pulley bolt 13 driving rod pulley 14 with gooey grasp fan mounting section crankshaft belt lower cover

15 Timing belt Note: If the belt is to be reused, mark the heading of belt revolution on the belt with chalk.

Establishment note: Changing the tensioner pulley (2.7/2.8)

1. Ensure that the huge openings in the camshaft locking plate are confronting each other 9.

2. Briefly introduce camshaft locking apparatus No. 3391 on the camshaft sprockets 21.

3. Release the bolts on every camshaft sprocket by roughly 5 turns 16.

4. Eliminate the locking apparatus No. 3391 21.

5. Utilizing apparatus No. T40001, slacken the camshaft sprockets from the tightened piece of the shaft.

6. Tenderly fix every camshaft sprocket bolt 16.

7. Guarantee that the camshaft sprockets are allowed to turn, yet all at once not shifted.

8. Guarantee that the driving rod locking pin is accurately situated 10.

9. Introduce the crankshaft belt in a counter-clockwise heading, beginning with the driving rod sprocket.

10. Guarantee that the non-tensioned side of the belt between the sprockets is rigid. Note: If the old belt is to be reused, turn the heading mark.

11. Introduce camshaft locking apparatus No. 3391 on the camshaft sprockets 21.

12. Utilizing hexagonal spanner 11, completely fix the tensioner pulley clockwise.

13. Eliminate the pin from the tensioner lodging to release the push pole 12.

14. Eliminate the allen key and introduce the force spanner 18 on the tensioner.

15. Apply 15Nm force to the tensioner counterclockwise 19.

16. Eliminate the force spanner.

17. Fix every camshaft sprocket bolt to 55Nm 16.

18. Eliminate: camshaft locking apparatus 21 driving rod locking pin 10

19.Fit the fittings to the chamber block.

20.Install the driving rod pulley, guaranteeing that the opening in the pulley is lined up with the center point 20.

21. Introduce the parts in the opposite request of expulsion.

22.Tighten the driving rod pulley bolts to 20-22Nm 13.