Schaeffler roller direction (Figure)


Guangdong KEBO Industrial Supplies Co., Ltd. is the specialist to sell the entire series of Schaeffler roller orientation, and is presently the wholesaler with the most incredibly complete models in China. Schaeffler roller orientation are partitioned into supporting roller, bolt type roller and metal ball roller, which can be utilized in food, metal handling, clinical, printing, bundling, robotization and different businesses.

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Support roller

Support rollers are prepared to-fit needle roller and barrel shaped roller direction with thick external rings for applications, for example, cam drives, bed guides, transports, straight direction frameworks, and so forth As well as having the option to endure high outspread burdens, they can likewise endure hub loads due, for instance, to minor misalignment deserts, china Track Roller slanted running or short shocks. Upheld rollers are accessible with or without external ring hub direction, with twofold side seals or open sort. The external ring has an arched bended external surface, in accordance with the plan of most streamlined INA profile shapes. These headings have a lower Hertzian pressure, decreasing edge loads in shifted conditions and wear on the help track, while expanding the functioning existence of the help track. The bearing kind rollers are mounted on shafts or bolts and are accessible with or without inward rings.

Bolt on target rollers

The blasted track roller is indistinguishable in plan to the upheld track roller with hub direction, then again, actually the inward ring is supplanted by a huge segment supporting bolt. The bolts have a mounting string and the greater part of them have hexagonal spaces at the two closures. There are additionally rollers with a tight-fitting unusual sleeve. The erratic sleeve permits the outer layer of the external ring to be acclimated to accomplish ideal contact with the nearby underlying scaffolding track. Bolt type rollers are accessible with maze seal, hole or contact seal types. The external surface of the external ring is delegated and managed, in accordance with most enhanced INA wheel profile plans.

Metal ball rollers

Metal ball rollers are indistinguishable in plan to profound depression ball or precise contact metal balls, then again, actually the external ring is thicker and the external surface is delegated and formed. They can endure high outspread burdens just as pivotal burdens in the two bearings. The course are of the fixed sort. The bearing rollers are accessible with or without bolts and with plastic covers. The unbolted rollers are mounted on shafts or bolts. Rollers with a plastic cover are utilized where especially low working clamor is required.