Non-woven cutting machines


Nonwoven cutting machine is a sort of wide nonwoven texture, paper, mica tape or film cutting into various thin material apparatus and gear, ordinarily utilized in paper making hardware, wire and link mica tape and printing and bundling apparatus.
Non-woven cutting machine is principally utilized in the cutting of non-woven textures, mica tapes, paper, protection materials and movies, particularly reasonable for the cutting of tight strips (non-woven textures, protection materials, mica tapes, films, and so on)


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The world’s first nonwoven cutting machine was worked by Tidland Merses (MC01/400/830/1898), otherwise called the nonwoven slitter. A nonwoven cutting machine is a machine that cuts and cuts the edges of wide networks in the creation cycle as per various requirements.
The machine is principally utilized for cutting wide networks into different restricted networks appropriate for creation needs. The machine depends on the first electric control framework with the expansion of a programmed edge-trimmer control, which accomplishes the best impact and works on the machine’s functioning execution, making the machine more steady in high velocity activity, with smooth winding, straightforward and advantageous activity, protected and solid, and solid toughness.

This machine is primarily utilized for cutting or cutting wide moves of non-woven textures, for example, paper tubes with an internal measurement of 75mm, non-woven textures with an external distance across of 600mm and a length of up to 1600mm, and cutting the rolls of non-woven textures into a few rolls of the genuine required size, and the tightest cutting can really depend on 18mm wrapping strip.
Outline structure: Whether it is a cutting or a few times cutting, homegrown cutting machine makers ought to concentrate on the casing construction to study, actually from the cutting machine makers, plan a more sensible cutting machine, exploration and configuration customized cutting machine, make cutting various materials in the design of more nitty gritty, in the following round of rivalry in the global market, to furnish film ventures with positive weapons, while It will likewise give a great weapon to the film endeavors in the following round of worldwide market contest, and simultaneously track down a blue ocean for their own undertakings.
2, robotization control part: the homegrown creation of cutting machine computerization level is as yet trapped in the lower level, albeit the utilization of homegrown control gadgets has been exceptionally famous, the cost is additionally moderately low, however the homegrown cutting machine producers in the utilization of the profundity of a long ways behind the degree of unfamiliar created nations, particularly in the control framework and the design of the cutting machine and the absence of natural mix of cutting materials.
At this level, by far most of homegrown cutting machine is as yet trapped in the harsh lines, has not been more top to bottom comprehension of the snugness and objectivity of the cutting machine control framework. Homegrown cutting machine makers should begin from the above bearings, searching for the cutting machine control cutting rule, yet additionally to augment the utilization of good equipment given by the capacity of the methodology.
3 assembling: this is a typical issue looked by the Chinese assembling industry, any mechanical hardware, notwithstanding sensible plan, notwithstanding the assembling necessities of accuracy, and the Chinese assembling industry in such manner is inadequate.
Moreover, the assembling system is additionally a point of failure, the production of cutting hardware, notwithstanding some universally useful machine instruments, yet additionally need to make them fabricate cutting machine extraordinary gear, for example, dynamic adjusting machine, water cutting machine, and so forth, on the grounds that the cutting machine fabricating accuracy necessities, so some hardware needs to utilize CNC machine apparatuses to handle parts, specifically, it is important to advocate the utilization of machining focuses, so the assembling of cutting machine hardware handling exactness can be in a general sense ensured.
Principle establishments

(A) rack part
Utilizing thick steel plate welded strong and genuine, point balance.
(B) Reel part
This machine is not difficult to work for cutting wrapping strips.
(C) Unwinding part
The greatest loosening up breadth can be 600~700mm.
(iv) Cutting blade part
The blade distance can be changed in accordance with somewhere in the range of 18mm and 1600mm.
(E) Main machine
Predominantly embraces 5 KW engine and electronic speed control framework.
(F) Guide roller part
The entire machine is made of chrome covered steel tubes, every one of which is powerfully adjusted.
Fundamental boundaries
Digital broadcast
Pictures of non-woven cutting machine
Pictures of non-woven cutting machine
1.Effective cutting width: 18mm-1600mm
2. Max. loosen up breadth: 600mm
3. Max. winding breadth: 600mm
4. Max. power: 5 KW
5. Machine speed: 60 m/min
6. Machine voltage: 380V (three-stage four-wire framework)

1. The power supply of the machine is three-stage four-wire (AC380V) with wellbeing establishing to guarantee the security of the administrator.
2. Set the machine speed to the least speed prior to beginning the machine
3. Focus on wellbeing while introducing the edge to keep away from cutting edge scratches
4. The machine ought to be routinely kept up with where oil is required
5. The machine can be constrained by high and low speed change and forward and switch revolution.
6、Configuration of twofold sided honing framework, the utilization of gold steel stone crushing, cutting edge without dismantling. The edge can be honed and saved sharp from now into the indefinite future quite a while to accomplish the best cutting quality. It is additionally outfitted with a residue retaining gadget to keep the texture and track clean.
7、Adopt imported ball slides to propel the cutting width in equal, with imported accuracy ball screws and slides to control the slicing width and 0.1mm to accomplish high accuracy cutting.
8、Adopt imported ball slides, equal development cutting security utilizing imported AC engine change framework stepless change control cutting velocity interpretation and difficult to wear, to accomplish excellent cutting strip.
9、The activity interface utilizes LCD Chinese showcase, can straightforwardly enter a few burden cutting width and amount setting, and has manual, programmed transformation work.
10、Adopt quick release plan, one-venture.
11、The machine ought to be introduced in a dry, ventilated, sufficiently bright and advantageous spot for activity.
Machine highlights

Detail close-up
Close-up of subtleties [1]
1. welded with thick steel plate to make it firm and point adjusted, so the machine is smooth in fast working condition.
2. the entire machine is made of chrome covered steel tubes, every one is powerfully adjusted.
3. Loosening up takes on 3-inch air-extended loosening up shaft, the greatest loosening up measurement can reach 600mm
4. The rewinding embraces 3-inch air-extended reel and attractive powder strain regulator to rewind the reel, with basic cutting activity and a most extreme rewinding width of 600mm; the rewinding is delightful and flawless.
5. Cutting blades can utilize modern careful edges or level blades (side interest blade edges) somewhere in the range of 18mm and 1600mm flexible blades.
6. stepless speed change framework for the axle and round blade, which can be utilized as high and low speed change and forward and invert speed exchanging control; electronic speed control framework, advantageous and basic.
7. Outfitted with twofold sided jewel honing framework; the blade can be honed without destroying to save the edge sharp from here onward, indefinitely quite a while; to accomplish the best cutting quality; and with dust-engrossing burden to keep the texture and track clean.
8. Take on imported accuracy ball screw and slide rail to propel the cutting width in equal, and import AC engine change framework to steplessly change and control the cutting velocity, in order to accomplish high accuracy cutting, the precision can be controlled inside 0.1mm.
9. Outfitted with a high-accuracy diversion adjustment gadget framework, in this manner further guaranteeing cutting precision.
11. Taking on speedy release configuration, stacking and dumping can be finished in only one development, which actually diminishes how much work underway and in this manner further develops creation effectiveness.
11. Programmed counting gadget, initially
Application regions

The non-woven cutting machine is chiefly utilized for cutting wide and wide networks into different limited networks appropriate for creation needs. The pressure control of the loosening up and winding material is a vital piece of the cutting machine.
Non-woven cutting depends on the first electronic control framework with the expansion of programmed edge control to accomplish the ideal impact, work on the machine’s functioning execution, making the machine more steady and tough in high velocity activity.
Every day support

The “four necessities” for non-woven cutting machines
(1) slick: instruments, workpieces, adornments are set perfectly; wellbeing watches are finished; line channeling is finished.
(2) Clean: clean inside and outside; each sliding surface and screw, stuff, rack, etc no oil, no injuries; each part doesn’t release oil, no water, no gas, no power; chip garbage cleaning clean.
(3) Lubrication: oiling and oil change on schedule, oil quality meets the prerequisites; oil pot, oil firearm, oil cup, oil believed, oil line perfect and complete, brilliant oil mark, oil way is smooth.
(4) Safety: execute the arrangement of fixed individual and machine and handover; acquainted with the construction of non-woven cutting machine and follow the working systems, sensible utilization of non-woven cutting machine, cautious support of instruments, and avoidance of mishaps.

Content of the executives
Hardware support work, as indicated by the time can be separated into every day upkeep and customary upkeep; as per the upkeep mode can be isolated into general upkeep, local support and key gear support. Support work incorporates: seeing, checking, changing, greasing up, destroying, cleaning and fixing and other on location the executives and upkeep work.
The work content of provincial upkeep is
1. day by day upkeep laborers working to be liable for the region of the city’s gear to step up and watch the level and exactness of establishment, and make nitty gritty records, chronicled for review.
2. accuracy hardware with extraordinary prerequisites for the climate (steady temperature, consistent dampness, vibration-evidence, dust-verification), endeavors should go to fitting lengths to guarantee that the exactness and execution of the gear isn’t impacted.
3. Accuracy, interesting and basic hardware ought to for the most part not be dismantled during routine upkeep, particularly optical parts. At the point when dismantling is vital, it ought to be completed by exceptional fix laborers. Assuming that irregularities are found in the activity of the gear, stop right away and don’t permit it to work with illness.
4. Work rigorously as per the handling range indicated in the gear guidance manual and don’t permit the hardware to be utilized in abundance of details, weight, burden or tension. Accuracy hardware is simply permitted to be done by the immediate use, the machining recompense ought to be sensible, and the projecting and clear surface ought to be sandblasted or painted ahead of time.
5. Greasing up oil materials, cleaning materials and cleaning specialists for the hardware should be utilized as per the directions and ought not be utilized as a substitute. Grease materials should be tried and qualified, and should be separated prior to being added to the tank.
6. Accuracy and uncommon gear ought to be safeguarded during non-working hours. Assuming there is an extended rest, wipe, grease up and airdrop routinely.
7. Gear embellishments and extraordinary devices ought to have a unique bureau rack sum, to keep clean, to forestall rust and swelling, not to be loaned or utilized for different purposes.
8. Hardware grease work is a significant piece of the utilization and upkeep of apparatus and gear nearby.

1、 The water in the air channel should be released on schedule before the flood.
2, welding machine each full utilization of January, sliding parts ought to be clean test off, re-applied with quality greasing up oil.
3, clean the side plate of the welding machine, the surface is totally denied to utilize an assortment of transition, should utilize unbiased cleanser, delicately wipe test.
4、 Every a half year, you should utilize dry compacted air to blow the residue inside the machine. [1]
Standard setup

Loosening up part
1、Automatic avoidance loosening up component, with steady strain framework.
2、Mechanical loosening up outline for loosening up, electromagnetic brake to control the pressure, no amendment of redirection.
Loosening up pressure control: Unwinding strain is constrained by attractive powder brake and can be changed physically
Cutting part
1、Round blade dynamic cutting.
2、Equipped with roller type meter counter, helpful to work out the winding length.  [1]
Winding segment
It is intended for the qualities of non-woven material, on the grounds that non-woven texture has versatility and isn’t generally so good and bad as film, the impact of utilizing normal air rising shaft winding isn’t entirely different while cutting wide strips, yet while cutting restricted strips, it will make a few rolls be free and a few rolls to be tight, which brings about chaotic winding. The utilization of slip shaft winding, can allow the paper to tube in the shaft has a specific slip distinction, to guarantee that every volume of the flexibility are something similar, can be in the cutting of restricted strips can likewise accomplish a decent winding tidiness.
Winding pressure control: The winding strain is constrained by an attractive powder grip, which ascertains the strain as indicated by the genuine external measurement, making strain control more exact and stable, and simpler to work. The upper and lower winding strains are controlled independently.
Scrap edge treatment: Equipped with a fan and a piece edge blowing cylinder to consequently victory the piece edge of the material.
Machine highlights.

1. Utilizing ultrasonic welding, needle and string free, disposing of the requirement for incessant needle and string changes, no wrecked string joints as on account of conventional string sewing, and furthermore perfect nearby cutting and fixing of materials. The sewing likewise assumes an embellishing part, with solid cement obsession, waterproof impact, clear decorating, more three-layered help impact on a superficial level, quick working velocity and great item impact all the more high-grade and delightful; quality is ensured.
2. Utilizing ultrasonic and extraordinary steel wheel handling, the edge of the seal doesn’t break, doesn’t hurt the edge of the fabric, and there is no bushy edge, moved edge peculiarity.
3. No preheating is expected for assembling and persistent activity is conceivable.
4. Simple to work, not vastly different from conventional sewing machine activity strategies, can be worked by common sewers.
5. Minimal expense, 5 to multiple times quicker than conventional machines, high effectiveness. [1]
Every day upkeep

1. To guarantee that apparatus and gear are generally in great specialized condition and prepared for activity, to lessen the quantity of personal time days, to build the mechanical uprightness and
Use rate, decrease mechanical mileage, broaden the assistance life of hardware, lessen mechanical activity and upkeep expenses To guarantee safe creation, it is important to fortify the
Hardware and gear upkeep work
2. mechanical support should carry out the “upkeep and fix, counteraction arranged” standard, to accomplish customary upkeep, obligatory, accurately handle the utilization, support and fix of the connection between
what’s more fix of the relationship, nonwoven cutting machine don’t permit just use without support, just fix without upkeep
3. Each group should be as per mechanical support strategies, upkeep classes to work effectively of upkeep of different sorts of apparatus, immediately, extraordinary conditions should be responsible for
Exceptional specialist endorsement before the augmentation of upkeep, yet for the most part not the greater part of the predefined support span
4. Upkeep of apparatus to guarantee quality, as per the arrangements of the venture and the prerequisites of every thing, will not be excluded or not to safeguard. Upkeep projects, support quality and support in
Issues found in the support ought to be all around archived, answered to the division exceptional laborers
5. Support work force and upkeep offices ought to do “three actually looks at a handover (self-examination, shared assessment, full-time investigation and a handover qualified)”, and continually sum up upkeep
Experience, work on the nature of support
6. The Department of Asset Management routinely regulates and examines the upkeep of hardware in every unit, consistently or unpredictably haphazardly looks at the nature of support, and rewards and rebuffs poor people. [1]
Consideration issues

1. Precautionary measures during establishment
a. Take extraordinary consideration to stay away from establishment deviations emerging from establishment
(1) Tightening the organ ought to be done after the coupling has been settled, and the bolts ought to be equitably upheld to forestall the organ end from being slanted, and the mistake should be something like 0.05 mm while really taking a look at all focuses with a plug.
(2) Check the organ and shaft or sleeve outside measurement of the fit leeway (for example concentricity), around to uniform, check the focuses with a fitting measure resilience of not more than 0.01 mm.
b. Spring pressure to be completed as per the arrangements, don’t permit too huge or too little peculiarity, requiring a blunder of 2.00 mm. Too enormous will expand the end surface than the tension, another speed end wear. Too little will cause the particular strain isn’t sufficient and can not play a fixing job.
c. After establishment of the moving ring, guarantee that it can move deftly on the shaft, and that it can consequently spring back subsequent to being squeezed against the spring.
2. Alert while destroying
a. In the dismantling of mechanical seals to be cautious, illegal to utilize hand mallet and level digging tool, so as not to harm the fixing parts. A couple of steel wire snares can be made to venture into the drive seat hole toward the negative increase/misfortune and haul the seal out. On the off chance that the scale doesn’t fit, clean it prior to destroying.
b. Assuming mechanical seals are utilized at the two closures of the siphon, deal with one another during gathering and dismantling to forestall loss of care.
c. For running mechanical seals, where the organ is free so the seal moves, the static and dynamic ring parts should be supplanted and ought not be re-fixed to keep on utilizing. Since in the sort of support point after the development, the rubbing of the first running track will change, the contact surface of the seal is not difficult to be obliterated.
Specialized information

Examination and investigation
(1) to comprehend the shortcoming happened after the circumstance, to get the work before the issue and the manifestations of the issue.
(2) Carefully break down the reason or degree of the shortcoming, track down the reason for the issue or examine the degree of the issue.
(3) Carry out an outside assessment, primarily checking whether the fixing screws and wiring screws of wires, transfers, contactors and travel switches are free? Are there any messed up wires? Is there any cash ring consumed or contact combination welding and different peculiarities? Are the versatile systems of the electrical apparatuses adaptable? Etc. Investigation and examination
(1) Understand how the issue happened, how it worked before the shortcoming and the manifestations after the issue.
(2) Carefully examine the reason or degree of the issue, track down the reason for the issue or dissect the degree of the issue.
(3) Carry out an outer assessment, for the most part checking whether the fixing screws and wiring screws of circuits, transfers, contactors and travel switches are free? Are there any messed up wires? Is there any cash ring consumed or contact combination welding and different peculiarities? Are the mobile systems of the electrical apparatuses adaptable? Etc. The conspicuous issues are dispensed with on schedule.
(4) Power-off investigation, principally to track down the suggested shortcoming. By and large utilize a multimeter opposition document to check the issue region parts and circuit whether there is an open circuit, short out or establishing peculiarity. Now and again additionally with the assistance of shaking table and different gadgets to check. In the event that the reason for the issue isn’t found in the power-off check, then, at that point, the power-on look at can be conveyed.
(5) Power-on check, chiefly to observe the issue isn’t not difficult to track down. The power-on look at ought to be conveyed without a heap to keep away from mishaps.
Identification strategies
Machine electrical shortcoming recognition strategies are frequently utilized in the principle voltage strategy, opposition technique, impede, open circuit strategy and flow technique, etc.
(1) Voltage technique
The utilization of instrumentation to quantify the voltage worth of a point on the line to decide the degree of the electrical issue or part disappointment of the machine apparatus is known as the voltage strategy or voltage estimation technique.
(2) obstruction technique
The utilization of instrumentation to quantify a point on the line or a part of the on-off to decide the weak spot is known as the obstruction technique.
(3) Short circuit strategy
The utilization of wire will be shorted on the machine apparatus two equipotential focuses to decide the degree of the issue or the issue point strategy is called impede.
(4) open circuit strategy
In the upkeep of machine instrument circuits, now and then to recognize extraordinary necessities, the circuit should be disengaged for assessment, this strategy is known as the open circuit technique.
(5) Current strategy
The strategy for estimating the current through a line is ordinary to decide the weak spot is known as the current technique.
Kinds of flaws
On account of machines, for instance, the kinds of flaws normal to commonplace machine instruments are
(1) The programmed spillage switch doesn’t close.
(2) None of the three engines can be begun.
(3) The axle engine can’t be begun.
(4) Pressing the shaft engine turn over button SBl, the engine makes a murmuring sound and can’t be begun.
(5) After turning over the shaft engine, the engine stops when the beginning button is delivered.
(6) Press the stop button, the axle engine M1 doesn’t stop.
(7) The cooling siphon engine M2 can’t be begun.
(8) The speedy shift engine doesn’t turn over.
(9) The enlightenment light doesn’t illuminate.
(10) The pointer light doesn’t illuminate.
Investigation steps
Machine electrical investigating can commonly be isolated into the accompanying advances.
(1) Preparation
Planning work incorporates the arrangement of the important devices, instruments, machine apparatus circuit outlines and other data
(2) Read the chart
For the machine apparatus to be adjusted, you should initially peruse and get the circuit schematic.
(3) through “an inquiry, two look, three touch, four tune in, five activity”, to explain the issue peculiarity and the circumstance when the disappointment.
An inquiry: request that the machine administrator comprehend the when the shortcoming; issue is abrupt or regular? What unusual peculiarities happen? What are the irregularities? Etc. This precisely handle the underlying direct data, to assist with deciding the shortcoming happened in the part, straightaway observe the issue point.
Two look: cautiously notice the outer layer of the machine electrical or wiring.
Three tune in: begin the machine, pay attention to the engine, control transformers, contactors, transfers, and so on whether there is a strange sound and shutting sound.
Four touch: when the machine runs for a while, remove the power, with the hands of the electrical shell or solenoid curl, check whether there is more than the typical hotness peculiarity.
Five tasks: from the beginning of the machine, every one of the elements of the machine apparatus to work individually exhibition, bit by bit in the activity of cautiously notice the working system, from which to observe the revelation of electrical deficiencies in the machine instrument, to work with the fast and precise assurance of the extent of electrical flaws in the machine device.
(4) According to the shortcoming peculiarity joined with circuit charts to dissect the overall extent of the issue by the abovementioned “ask, see, hear, contact, work” and different cycles to sort out the fundamental peculiarity of the issue, then, at that point, you can consolidate the circuit graph to examine the overall extent of the issue, and afterward utilize the suitable identification techniques to observe the issue point.
(5) Replacement of parts
After the issue point is recognized, the parts should be supplanted