Travel In Italy

Traveling In Italy

Italy offers comfortable apartments and B&B located in historical and central sites in Rome and Venicee, where you’ll spend unforgettable holidays.  Italy offers some of the most beautiful countryside and more history than you can possibly take in without bring taken back in time and reliving some of the events.

The culture in Italy is diverse and the cuisine is remarkable.  It is no wonder that when one takes a tour to Italy they end up gaining weight even if they are walking all day long.  With so many things to do and see in Italy you will not be able to do it all on one vacation so plan on coming back several times.

Here are just a few things to do in the gorgeous country of Italy:

  • Take a romantic Gondola Ride!
  • See Leonardo’s Masterpiece, The Last Supper!
  • Visit the Uffizi Gallery in Florence!
  • Take a guided tour through the Vatican Museums!
  • Pizza.  Naples has the best they say!
  • Go to Sicily and visit the Greek Ruins!
  • Spend a day on the beaches at Costa Smeralda!
  • Go to Verona and catch an Opera!
  • Meander through the Trastevere neighborhood in Rome (it is stunning!)!
  • You cannot skip Pompeii!
  • Learn to Cook like a Roman!
  • Watch a soccer game and see the Italian passion for the sport!
  • Gelato.  It is a must have there!
  • Drive through Tuscany or Umbria (you won’t regret that)!
  • Spend an afternoon walking through the Coliseum.

And I have not even touched the surface as the amount of restaurants, cafes and hidden dining establishments are more than the stars in the sky.  You can dine 24/7 and not see them all.

It might be a glaring error that I left off the Leaning Tower of Pisa but you can only point out so many things and almost everyone that goes to Italy has that on their list as it is the most famous landmark in all of Italy. Do go and marvel at it when you take your tour of Italy.

When you are in a strange country you do not always want to be behind the wheel of a car to get from place A to place B and Italy has a very good railway option for you as it goes to every major city as well as many small ones.  You can relax by sitting in your train car and seeing the beautiful scenery as you peer out the window and you can even enjoy a glass of vino while doing it.

Italy is also famous for it’s small family run hotels that will give you an in country experience and have you beaming when you leave.  The owners are typically very friendly and accommodating and the charm of those small hotels will cause you to experience the heart of Italy.  Expect a home cooked meal by someone who has recipes of the best Italian food passed down fromTake a cooking class in Rome, Italy generation to generation.  If you are lucky you may be able to get a cooking class from your Italian hostess.

One unique accommodation opportunity are convents and monasteries as many are available for the traveler to stay for a night or two. They are going to be safe, of course, and they are very inexpensive.  If you are a Catholic you could even appreciate that you may be “required” to take part in prayer sessions or attend Mass.  Maybe it is not for everyone but if you really want to get into living the Italian lifestyle while traveling, and that is really the best mindset when you are taking a tour to Italy, you do want to see if this experience is for you.

Be sure to see if your tour has an Italian vineyard on it’s itinerary as you can’t go to Italy and not taste some of the local wines.  Every region in Italy has it’s own “flavors” when it comes to wine so try and get to a couple or three different ones if possible.  Be sure to check and see if the wineries are available as they are not always open to the public.  And really, to be on the safe side, you may want to find a company that offers local tours as they may be able to find places that are not showing on your maps.

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